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Positive Behaviors Lead to Academic Success - Minneapolis

Katherine Page will moderate a forum where the Chief of Minneapolis Public Schools and three principals will discuss how those schools are led, how they maintain a positive school climate with staff and students, and how this leads to academic and life success for students.  The participants are

  • Michael Thomas, Chief of Schools for Minneapolis
  • Michael Bradley, principal, Roosevelt High School 
  • Yusef Abdullah, principal, Henry High School 
  • Ronald Salazar, principal, Fowell K-8  

Minneapolis Public Schools does not have an all district classroom management program.  However, each school has its own Positive Schoolwide  Engagement Plan, and each classroom has a Classroom Engagement Plan.  The presenters will talk about these plans in their schools.

The panel will discuss current successes, issues with student behaviors, how the Engagement Plans were developed and how they are supported in the district, the school, and the community.  A safe, welcoming school with high behavior and academic expectations leads to success for its students.

The forum will be Tuesday, April 26th, at noon, at Mount Zion Temple on Summit Avenue in St. Paul. The public is welcome.